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Russia's got start ups! How to find far-sighted biomedical technologies



The Moscow Physico-Technical Institute (MFTI) was where the finalists of the LifeScience track were determined as part of RVC's GenerationS accelerator.

The program aims to locate noticeable biomedical technologies, to support their creators and to help turn their developments into industrial projects.

142 teams that applied to participate in the accelerator track, were narrowed down to the top 10 with the projects of new medicinal drugs, diagnostic systems, health-monitoring gadgets and other medical products.

The participants of the LifeScience were teams from Moscow and Moscow region, Novosibirsk, Tomsk and Kazan: The following projects vied for the title of the best: Emvio stress management system, neurocomputer interface Optotrimograph, the Lactaptin antitumor drug, the bracelet for storage and transport of tablets, the medical identifier, the portable skin condition analysis system, the therapeutic apparatus for blood oxygenation, the wireless pacemaker with prolonged cardiomonitoring function, the personal automatic device for intramuscular injections, an innovative drug to treat alcohol dependence.

The expert jury included representatives of the track's industrial partner and profile investors who selected the three best startups in medical area to share the prize fund of 1 million rubles. The startups were evaluated according to the criteria that form the basis of any innovative business project: team, research & development and market prospects.

The first place and a certificate for 500 thousand rubles was received by the ScanDerm Pro project team — the developers of a portable skin analysis system.

Multifunctional scanner and mobile application for data analysis and visualization. Using beams of different spectrum and measurements of skin-galvanic resistance, the scanner is able to detect various skin diseases at early stages. Through such skin characteristics as moisture, fat content, texture, pore size, the scanner can interactively track changes in the skin and choose the right tools for treatment and care.

The second place and a cash prize of 350 thousand RUB came to the project team QRepublik for the medical identifier

This non-electronic bracelet-like device has a QR code, which is an encrypted link to the cloud storage, where all the information about a patient is collected - name, surname, address, insurance number, data on drug allergy. With a smartphone a doctor can decipher the code and quickly access to medical information, which can prove crucial for the patient's life.

The third prize and a cash reward of 150 thousand rubles came to the project team of PillBand bracelet for storage and transport of tablets.

It is a very useful accessory for people who are administered daily medication, for patients with diseases of the cardiovascular system, where drugs should always be at hand, as well as for the elderly people, often forgetful of taking pills. The experts also distinguished the projects of a wireless pacemaker and a personal intramuscular injector, which will receive 2 million rubles grants from the Innovation Support Fund under the Start program. Some of the projects of the LifeScience track have already received support from the Foundation under the Start and NTI Development programs.

The ScanDerm Pro team, whose project scored the highest, will take part in the GenerationS Super Final and compete in April this year for a prize fund of 15 million rubles.

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