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Scientists at the NTI Competence Center to test a drug against multiple sclerosis before 2021
December 6, Sochi hosted NTI Ecosystem: Strategy of the Future Forum, organized by Russian Venture Company (RVC).
Russian technologies should go to global markets. This is the main purpose of the national technology initiative (NTI). Extensive state program related to achievement of the Russia’s technological leadership was created four years ago.
National Technology Initiative (NTI) that implies a breakthrough of the Russian companies to the new global markets by 2035, is lacking measure that can help launching the companies abroad — Russian market is too small to grow up global leaders.
In the world, alternative energy sources for recharging electronics are becoming more and more popular.
Students over 1.8 thousand Russian schools from 412 cities will talk about the professions of the future, as well as big data, the blockchain, artificial intelligence, and new technologies; the lectures will be held as part of the “Lesson of the National Technological Initiative” by the venture company (RVC).
Russian Venture Company (RVC) together with the Skolkovo Foundation and the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) is launching a competition to create an unmanned vehicle for Russian winter roads, Mikhail Antonov Deputy Director General, Director of Innovation Infrastructure Development, RVC told RIA Novosti.
A futurologist — Dmitry Peskov — about the secret of the success of Russian technology start-ups and companies at the international level

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