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Special Nomination Winners of the Up Great PRO Competition // READING To Receive 20 Million Roubles

Source: RIA News

© RIA Novosti / Alexey Sukhorukov

Within the framework of the Up Great PRO // READING technology competition, impressive nominations “Grammar” and “Grammar.Eng” have been opened, the winning teams of which will share a prize fund of 20 million roubles, the press service of the Russian Venture Company reports.

The nominations are open to the teams of the Up Great PRO//READING Competition, which compete in checking texts in Russian and English, respectively. The winners will be those whose AI systems will detect the most significant number of speech and grammatical errors in essays on Russian and English languages and literature. This type of error includes inappropriate vocabulary or incorrect metaphors, unacceptable ambiguity, and mistakes in constructing sentences, explained in the RVC.

“The experience of international competitions in Data Science shows that the best way to stimulate development and support the community is to hold regular competitions with guaranteed prizes for the best participants. This allows the strongest teams to constantly work on solving problems and allows young and ambitious teams to show quick results”, as the commentary of Yuri Molodykh says in the message of the director for the development of Up Great technology competitions at RVC.

According to Maxim Petrov, Deputy Head of the Department for Development and Promotion of Technological Competitions and Initiatives of the Skolkovo Foundation, the format of individual nominations with prizes to be awarded this year is a good incentive for teams to start working on overcoming the global technological barrier within the framework of the ABM / /READING.

“Participation in nominations also allows new teams to start solving a global problem on a par with strong developers who already have a reputation in the industry. As a result, this will allow the formation of an active community that will become a generator not only of new start-ups but also ensure the competitiveness of the Russian Federation in high-tech markets in the medium and long term”, he added.

As the rector of the NTI 2035 University, Nina Yanykina, noted, the maturity of teams and their competencies will be assessed in these nominations in teaching artificial intelligence the ability to full-fledged reading.

“After all, it is reading that develops a person's speech and cognitive functions, his thinking, memory, perception, attention, creativity, imagination. So far, we do not have artificial intelligence capable of solving problems on a par with the human mind. It is absent not only in Russia but also in the world. Whoever is the first to create such AI and provide it with the opportunity to realize its abilities for the tasks of learning, development, and well-being of people, nations, and humanity, will receive an undeniable advantage in the technological race”, she stressed.

The Up Great PRO//READING technology competition is aimed at developing AI solutions capable of finding semantic, logical, and factual errors in natural language texts. To win, artificial intelligence will have to cope with this task no worse than an average teacher. During the competition, participants' programs will need to analyze and find errors in several hundreds of essays. The decision on each AI text should be made in no more than 30 seconds. The prize fund of the Contest will be 200 million roubles.

The competition takes place in several cycles and will last until the end of 2022. Applications for the first test cycle are accepted until October 29, 2020. The Competition is held by RVC, the Skolkovo Foundation, and ASI to implement the National Technology Initiative.

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