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Russia Wants to Create a Bracelet for Reading Sugar and Cholesterol Data

Source: RIA News

© AP Photo / Koji Ueda

“Smart” bracelets, capable of reading in real-time data on the state of hormones, sugar, and cholesterol levels in the human body, will appear in the future in Russia, said Mikhail Antonov, RVC Deputy General Director for Innovative Infrastructure, in an interview with RIA Novosti.

According to him, RVC plans to launch a technology competition to create such a device in the future.

“So far, it is just an idea. The idea of the competition with sensors involves creating bracelets that can quickly collect data on a person's health and immediately inform this person about the rise in blood sugar, cholesterol, stress hormone, etc. The algorithms will analyze human health data online and transmit them instantly. There is no such tracker in the world, and when it appears, it will be a technological breakthrough in itself”, Antonov said.

“Any competition is not prepared instantly. From the time of the idea to the launch of the competition, it takes about a year of close work with experts”, he added.

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