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Russian Neural Network To Recognize Speech Better Than Humans In 2021

Source: PRIME

Artificial Intelligence. Illustration by designer Mopic
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An artificial intelligence (AI) system capable of analyzing natural speech and surpassing a person in this may appear in Russia by the end of 2021, Mikhail Antonov, the deputy general director of RVC for innovation infrastructure, told RIA Novosti.

The system is being developed as part of the Up Great technology competition for AI speech systems developers. The 200 million roubles prize fund will be shared by the AI systems developers capable of finding the maximum number of speech and grammatical errors in competitive essays in Russian and English and literature. To win, the AI will have to check the texts in 30 seconds, but no worse than the average teacher.

“The Up Great AI Competition will continue over the next three years or until the technological barrier is overcome. This is a competition in which the quality of the results will increase greatly with each new test cycle. For example, suppose there is one type of error that AI should look for — fact-checking. One team can learn to do good fact-checking but will make logical mistakes, while the other, on the contrary, will be bad at checking facts but build logic well. When they unite, a team of a completely different level will appear”, he explained.

More than 200 applications have been submitted for the competition, including from the developers of text analysis systems Pavlov, Antiplagiat, Laboratory of Nanosemantics, and the largest Russian universities.

“We expect that we will have a qualitative leap in results, close to a technological barrier, after the third test cycle. This is the end of 2021. Then we will see teams that will overcome the technological barrier or those that will be as close to it as possible”, he added.

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