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Russia to build a rocket to launch small satellites in 2024

Source: RIA News

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Mamontov

Russia will attract private traders to develop a flight model of an ultralight class rocket by 2024, follows from the presentation of Yuri Urlichich, First Deputy Director General of Roskomos.

According to the materials presented by Urlichich, such a rocket will be needed to launch small and ultra-small communication and observation satellites. The satellites, which will be created based on unified platforms, will be controlled autonomously using artificial intelligence technologies.

According to the presentation, prototypes of small and ultra-small communication spacecraft Marathon and surveillance devices should be ready in 2024. Optical and radar payloads for ultra-small monitoring devices by 2026.

By 2028, “the provision of new integrated services using multi-satellite orbital constellations based on small spacecraft” will be fully provided.

The presentation did not specify what kind of ultra light rocket it was talking about. Still, it was previously known that Roskosmos, together with the National Technology Initiative, plans to create a carrier of this class. The NTI rocket should weigh up to 20 tons and put up to 250 kilograms into orbit up to 500 kilometres. At the same time, the launch cost should not exceed $3 million.

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