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Artificial Intelligence Can be Used to Test School Work

Source: RIA News

One of the practical results of the Up Great technology contest READ // ABLE may become the introduction in the near future of technologies for processing the natural language of a person (NLP, Natural Language Processing) in the practice of schools and universities, the organizers of the online conference dedicated to the contest said.

“One of the main tasks of the contest is to introduce breakthrough artificial intelligence technologies in the very near future. As a task and material on which we are planning to build the tests, were taken essays and compositions of schoolchildren, as well as other texts similar to them. We want the developed technologies to be implemented in schools and universities both to help students and teachers, and in general to improve the quality of the educational process,” said the Operations Director of Up Great technology contest in Russian Venture Company Konstantin Kaysin at the conference.

The organizers are confident that the education system will be one of the first areas of the introduction of artificial intelligence. The NLP technologies must help teachers who need to check a large number of students’ works in a short time. The AI can also be used as an assistant in checking the work of the State Final Exam (EGE): it will be able to identify errors and analyze the correctness of the argument, so that it would be easier for the reviewers to conclude on the quality of work.

“We see a very high demand for support systems for teachers who are forced to quickly digitize the educational process under quarantine. We are sure that the systems developed by the participants will be in great demand both in the current conditions and at the stage of overcoming the crisis, since an effective assistant analyzing the text for semantic errors will save teachers resources. Students will probably use this AI system as a simulator,” says the Director of Development of Up Great technology contests in RVC Yuri Molodykh.

The first five school subjects on which artificial intelligence to be trained in the READ // ABLE contest are the Russian Language, Literature, Social Studies, History and English Language.

Up Greattechnology contests organized by RVC, the Skolkovo Foundation and ASI for Russian innovative companies as part of the implementation of the National Technological Initiative. During the READ // ABLE contest, the development of participants based on artificial intelligence will have to analyze and find errors in several hundred essays and compositions, and the AI must make a decision on each text in no more than 30 seconds. During this time, it must find syntax, semantic, logical and factual errors in the proposed text. For this, the algorithm must possess not only the methods of statistical analysis and correlation search, but also understand what the text says, be able to recognize different semantic nuances.

Contests will be organized separately for texts in Russian and English languages. The prize fund of each contest will be 100 million roubles. The first tests are scheduled for November 2020.

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