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Putin's Special Envoy Announces the NTI's Restart

Source: RIA News

© Photo: Inform Bureau 20.35 / Artem Ganzha

The state program for supporting promising areas of the technological business in Russia, the National Technological Initiative (NTI), will be restarted in 2020, said Dmitry Peskov, the special envoy of the President of the Russian Federation on digital and technological development.

“This year, we will restart NTI; there will be NTI-2020 or NTI 2.0, as you wish ... and each active participant ... will have the opportunity to enter the NTI and take its place there,” he said during a meeting with regional public representatives of the Agency Strategic Initiatives (ASI).

According to Peskov, participation in the NTI provides “three large groups of opportunities,” one of which involves, in particular, investing in new technologies and start-ups.

“The second group (opportunities — ed.) — it is to participate in their development through network formats. And the third group is about programs in the field of human capital development,” he said.

Peskov also added that during 2020, it is planned to integrate development roadmaps in the regions of NTI and the Russian Export Centre (REC).

“Traditional industries are forced to transform under the onslaught of new technologies radically. In 2015, this thesis was doubtful, (but) after we had lost our eyes on space as a source of income for our budget, it became clear that this is not controversial, but an unambiguous statement,” Peskov said.

According to him, now in Russia, such sectors as weapons, nuclear energy, and “key IT solutions” correspond to the world level.

Earlier in December, he announced that the National Technology Initiative in the next five years would develop start-ups and export them, and would also expand regional infrastructure. Peskov also noted that in the 2020s, high interest is expected from world leaders in geoengineering, ecology, and climate, so NTI is carefully watching the development of technologies and start-ups in this area. Another NTI market can be created in the field of construction and immovable property. NTI also plans to develop venture tools to support start-ups.

The National Technological Initiative (NTI) is a state program to support promising areas of the technological business in Russia, which can become the basis of the global economy for the period until 2035.

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