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NTI Regional Competence Centres in TUSUR To Participate in Programs of LRCs supported by RVC

Source: TUSUR

Regional centres of competence of the National Technological Initiative (NTI) at the Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radio Electronics in the areas of “Wireless Communications Technology and the Internet of Things” and “Sensorica” will participate in the programs of leading research centres that won the RVC grant competition.

The interdepartmental competition commission, formed by the Ministry of Communications of Russia, summed up the competitive selection of leading companies and leading research centres (LRCs) to develop products, services, and platform solutions based on end-to-end digital technologies.

The winners of the competition — recipients of grant support from Russian Venture Company JSC (RVC) — included the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (project “Development of a unified digital platform solution providing efficient design and deployment of radio access networks based on an open standard harmonized with international standards] communications of the new generation (5G)”) and the National Research University MIET the Trusted Sensory Systems project), with which TUSUR has opened NTI-regional centres of competences in the last years.

According to the Rector of TUSUR Viktor Rulevsky, the topics of the supported projects are directly related to the direction of end-to-end technologies that are developed by the joint regional centres of NTI.

The project implementation period is up to three years. Commercial companies that will receive the developed technologies for subsequent implementation will act as industrial partners of the LRCs.

“At present, the circle of work of the regional centres of NTI TUSUR is being determined, and a roadmap is being drawn up. The TUSUR specialists will be involved in the tasks associated with the development of mathematical models describing the attenuation and propagation of the signal, the coverage area of the 5G base station, the bandwidth between the 5G base station with an open architecture and the core of the network, as well as testing the results of modelling and experimental studies of their work,” said Victor Rulevsky.

TUSUR will also take part in the implementation of the project of the Mikran research and production company, which was among the winners of the RVC competition for grants for leading companies. As part of a supported project to create domestic 5G modules of medium and large service areas, TUSUR will develop software for the generation and processing of digital signals based on programmable logic integrated circuits, as well as beam pattern control algorithms for the MIMO multi-element antenna system.

Based on TUSUR, there are three regional centres of NTI competences: in “Wireless Communications Technology and the Internet of Things” (with the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology), “Sensorica” (with the NRU MIET), “Quantum Technologies” (with the Centre for Quantum Technologies of the Physics Department of Moscow State University named after L. V.  Lomonosov). The primary areas of work of joint divisions: training students in technologies that are interesting to industry, advanced training of specialists and engineers of small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as the development of new products.

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