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Hybrid Unmanned Vehicles To Appear on the Roads of Russia in One to Two Years

Source: TASS

Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation for Digital and Technological Development Dmitry Peskov

Hybrid uncrewed vehicles of Russian design will appear on the domestic roads in just one or two years. This opinion was expressed on Tuesday by the special envoy of the President of the Russian Federation on digital and technological development, Dmitry Peskov.

“We’ll most likely see hybrid models of unmanned vehicles that can independently save fuel and solve individual tasks on the tracks next year or in a year,” Peskov told reporters during a visit to the Up Great “Winter City” technology contest at the NAMI practice ground near Dmitrov.

He noted that fully autonomous uncrewed vehicles would not appear on Russian roads for about ten years.

"Until all safety-related issues have been resolved until we are sure that the drones will remain under state control, we will not let them out onto the streets in large numbers. Imagine 100 thousand such cars on the streets of a metropolis that suddenly went in one direction due to a software malfunction," Peskov said.

According to him, the development of the unmanned transport industry at the beginning of the XXI century is not inferior in importance to the development of the first aircraft or nuclear icebreaker fleet in the last century.

"We are competitive in this industry, we are not ashamed, although we entered this race very late. Now we can't fight with the USA and China, but for the rest, we can compete for a place on the podium," he added.

Speaking about the prospects of the participating teams, he suggested that all of them shortly will develop their own business or will be acquired by large Russian or foreign companies.

“The fate of all these teams will develop brilliantly, regardless of whether they win or not. Some of them have already received offers in the global market — one team will begin testing their technologies in Japan next year,” Peskov summed up.

About the Competitions and Contest

Five teams take part in the final of the Winter City contest from Up Great — Winter City MADI, BaseTracK (both Moscow), NSTU (Nizhny Novgorod), StarLine (St. Petersburg) and Auto-RTK (Taganrog). At a training ground with an imitation of a real urban environment, uncrewed vehicles overcome regulated and unregulated intersections, recognize traffic signals, pass through a railway crossing, and tunnel.

The training ground at which the races are held consists of “urban” and “suburban” sections. The first one presents all the infrastructure that is found on the streets of a real city: adjustable and unregulated intersections and pedestrian crossings, traffic lights, and buildings. Cars-simulators move on the roads, and pedestrians are represented by mannequins, which are set in motion by unique complexes. The "suburban" section includes a dirt road and straight sections imitating the route. A safety barrier made of concrete blocks is organized along the entire route.

Each uncrewed vehicle is equipped with a non-volatile tracker, which in real-time, transmits information about the speed and location of the car. Information is displayed on the screen in the guest tent, and the line judges make sure that the vehicles do not violate the rules of the road. The winner is the team whose development will go the route the fastest and earn the least amount of penalty minutes. The prize fund of the Winter City is 175 million roubles.

Up Great technology Russian Venture Company, Skolkovo Foundation, and the Agency initiated contests for Strategic Initiatives for Russian Innovation Companies as part of the implementation of the National Technology Initiative. Participants are invited to find solutions to complex technical problems that do not yet have an answer. Competitions are developed in accordance with the best practices of world technological competitions — XPrize, Darpa Grand Challenge, etc.

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