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Unmanned Vehicles on Roads. The Final of the Up Great Contest Held Near the Town of Dmitrov

Source: 360 Channel

Drivers are not needed for these races; sensors and automation are responsible for all movements. In the final of the Up Great technology competition, uncrewed vehicles compete.

Five teams hooked up in the final stage of the drone knockout round from St. Petersburg, Taganrog, Nizhny Novgorod, and two from Moscow. The task is to drive 50 kilometres along a particular training ground. Moreover, the main thing here is not speeding, but safety.

“It is needed to pass 50 kilometres in three hours while observing the traffic rules and the peculiarities of movement in a winter city. This winter is warm. Nevertheless, technical means are used to simulate the condition of the road and visibility,” said Alexander Povalko, General Director of RVC JSC.

But even artificial winter is already a real obstacle for drones. Special cameras read obstacles and signs on their board. Snow is also an obstacle for them. The machines will have to take into account not only snowdrifts but also, for example, snow-covered signs. To do this, they were painted with white paint on purpose.

But the most challenging thing about these devices is their software. And here, people do everything.

“The program is always more complicated because it is a living work; it is a search for more optimal algorithms. Therefore, what is being done here and now by the hands of programmers is the most difficult task,” said Anton Fomin, captain of the team from Auto-RTK Taganrog.

The prize fund of the final stage amounted to 175 million roubles. And for this, the teams needed only to drive through all the steps. However, in reality, everything turned out to be much more complicated — hundreds of rules and dozens of obstacles. Nevertheless, money is not the main thing here.

“Now many have already found large industrial partners with whom they integrate these solutions, implement them together,” said Skolkovo Senior Vice President Kirill Kai.

Uncrewed vehicles will undoubtedly become an element of ordinary life, and someday the appearance of a car without a driver will cease to seem something unusual. But for domestic developments to be shot in the future, they need to be developed today.

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