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A Subsidy for More Than 700 Million Roubles Receive Two Projects in Novosibirsk Region from the NTI

Source: TASS

The tasks of the National Technology Initiative (NTI) are included in the national project “Science”.

Two innovation projects in Novosibirsk Region received a federal subsidy in the framework of the National Technology Initiative (NTI) in the amount of 499 million and 231 million roubles, TASS was told in the press service of the Ministry of Science and Innovation of the region.

“Two projects received a subsidy from the NTI in accordance with decree 317 of the government of the Russian Federation (in total, just over 20 projects received such support in the country): the project to create a solid-state storage power plant (SSPP) of the Novosibirsk company Energozapas, 499 million roubles and the project “Aerotomography” to develop a breakthrough complex for remote geophysical searches using unmanned aerial vehicles, implemented by the Innovation and Technology Institute, LLC, 231 million roubles”, reported in the press service.

The first project is a part of the EnergyNet roadmap in the area of “Intelligent Distributed Energy”. The second is implemented jointly with the Novosibirsk State University under the supervision of Academician Mikhail Epov. Novosibirsk Region has been participating in the NTI since 2016. Since then, the companies in the region have received 257 million roubles through the competitions of the Novosibirsk Region Innovation Assistance Fund for the implementation of projects.

The National Technology Initiative is a long-term program to create new markets and provide conditions for Russia's technological leadership by 2035. As part of the NTI, eight roadmaps were approved, and about 500 projects received financial support.

The tasks and capabilities of the NTI are integrated into the national project named Science. According to the goals of the national project, in 2024, Russia should enter the top five leading countries engaged in research and development in areas determined by the priorities of scientific and technological development. The national project provides for updating at least 50% of the instrument base of leading scientific organizations.

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