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The Best NTI Projects on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to Receive up to 495 Million Roubles

Source: TASS

Project:  Business Support Programs at the NTI

Applications for participation in the competition are accepted through the digital platform of the Russian Venture Company and the NTI website until October 25.

Russian Venture Company (RVC) has launched a new stage in the selection of projects of the National Technology Initiative (NTI) in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and big data (Big Data). The best of them will receive up to 495 million roubles each, the RVC press service reported on Monday.

“RVC is starting a new phase of a wide selection of the NTI projects. The first wave is focused on the technology business with new developments and products in the field of artificial intelligence and big data that have the potential to advance in the global market. The winners of the competition will be able to apply for financial support under the simplified procedure within the framework of the NTI Export and the NTI Spin-off programs”, the company, which is the design office of the NTI, said the statement.

The “NTI Export” program is intended for medium and large technology companies at the final stage of development and introduction of export solutions to the market. Within the program, two support formats are possible: grants of up to 155 million roubles for the final stages of research and development (R&D) and direct investments of up to 495 million roubles.

The second program of the “Spin-off NTI” involves supporting the creation of new businesses in the areas of the NTI based on large technology companies. The format of support is a direct investment in the capital of project companies (SPV) in the amount of up to 495 million roubles.

Applications for participation in the contest, as noted in the message, are accepted through the digital platform of RVC and the NTI site until October 25. Then they go through three stages of assessment. The interagency working group on the implementation of the NTI takes the final decision on the approval of the project and the allocation of funding. Such interval selection, according to Ilya Kurmyshev, director of market development of the NTI, will give companies new opportunities and advantages over traditional mechanisms.

“Firstly, fixed deadlines for considering applications. The period from applying the interval selection to a decision on the NTI project committee will be no more than two months. Secondly, the applicant companies will receive optimized documentation templates that will eliminate the need to fill out a large number of different forms and templates,” the words of Kurmyshev are quoted in the message.

About the NTI

The National Technology Initiative is a long-term program to create new markets and provide conditions for Russia's technological leadership by 2035. Within the framework of the NTI, eight Road Maps were approved for the markets of Aeronet, Avtonet, Marinet, Neuronet, Healthnet, Energynet, Technet, and the Circle movement. Among the “end-to-end technologies” of the NTI, there are artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, big data, quantum technologies, new and portable energy sources, new manufacturing technologies, sensorics and components of robotics, distributed registry systems, biological property management technologies, neurotechnology, VR and AR. Previously, about 500 NTI projects received funding.

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