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About 1.5 Thousand Businessmen to Take Part in a Working Intensive in the Digital Economy

Source: RIA Novosti

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Approximately 1,500 specialists of Russian companies focused on the export of digital products will have a working intensive in the digital economy in December; the press service told RIA Novosti of the National Technology Initiative (NTI).

“From December 1 to 4, Sochi will host a working intensive “Winter Island” for 1,500 specialists from Russian companies focused on the export of domestic digital and educational technologies and products. On December 5–6, the Week’s program will be continued with the Global Technology Leadership Forum and end on December 7 with the ecosystem day of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives,” says the report.

“Winter Island” will consist of three directions. The "Personnel Track" is an expert and design course to develop effective solutions in the field of training and development of personnel in the digital economy. The "Export Track" will be aimed at preparing companies for entering global markets, within its the framework 10 projects for further promotion to global markets will be selected and formed, a list of 10 leading standards will be developed, 100 working export strategies of companies will be formed.

The third, Ecosystem Track, will end with the launch of a network of digital start-up accelerators based on universities. The participation in the course will be free for specialists and companies; you will only need to pay for accommodation and travel. However, start-ups will be able to fully or partially compensate for logistics costs with grants, which can be obtained after testing on the University platform 20.35. The organizers of the event are the NTI Platform, University 20.35, ASI, RVC, ANO Digital Economy, as well as relevant ministries.

“Sochi will bring together those in corporations and departments responsible for training programs, for export support programs, for implementing ecosystem tasks with a focus on developing a network of accelerators. One of the main tasks of the participants in the intensification will be the synchronization of the state’s technological policy in the coming years, development programs, digital economy, support for projects and start-ups, roadmaps for end-to-end technologies,” said Dmitry Peskov, Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation for Digital and Technological Development.

According to Evgeny Kovnir, General Director of ANO Digital Economy,

“The participants in the intensive will help to decide ambitious tasks related to accelerating the technological development of Russia and the country's transition to a digital economy. It is important to be guided by the expertise developed by the business and the goals of supporting the competitiveness of domestic companies. A number of our founders are already interested in “Winter Island”, and we will work on the most interesting agenda from the point of view of their tasks,”

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