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Agency for Strategic Initiatives, RVC and NTI to Help the Technological Development of Universities

The initiative of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives involves the creation of a platform for the technological development of Russian universities, which will include support tools from all parties to the agreement.

The Agency for Strategic Initiatives, Russian Venture Company, the platform of the National Technological Initiative and the University of NTI 20.35 have agreed to create a joint platform for the technological development of universities. Corresponding agreements between the creators of the unified development ecosystem and representatives of the first 30 universities that will become part of it were signed on Tuesday at the site of the educational intensiveness “Island 10-22” at the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology.

The initiative of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives involves the creation of a platform for the technological development of Russian universities, which will include support tools from all parties to the agreement: RVC will offer universities support in the field of work with start-ups, the ASI will provide assistance in overcoming the organizational barriers that universities face when introducing new educational approaches, the NTI platform will arrange for universities to interact with experts from NTI industry unions and support the development of university “boiling points”. NTI University 20.35 will act as a provider of specific services and educational programs.

All 30 universities listed in a single agreement are participants in the educational intensiveness “Island 10-22”.

“This is the first wave of universities, <...> [which] joins our affiliate network today. I hope that the whole hundred that is represented on the "Island" will join in the second and third waves,” said the ASI General Director Svetlana Chupsheva at the signing ceremony.

After the ceremony, the General Director of RVC Alexander Povalko explained that all parties to the agreement combine their information resources and service systems, coordinating, complementing each other in order to attract as many teams and ideas as possible in the implementation of the National Technological Initiative and in solving problems related to technological development of the country.

Implementation Prospects

The first steps to implement the agreements will be made in September, Vasily Tretyakov, the General Director of the University of NTI 20.35, told TASS. Students will be able to work with digital content on topics of critical cross-cutting technologies of the National Technological Initiative and the digital economy; in the fall, universities will start introducing educational process control elements based on data analysis, as well as artificial intelligence technologies.

"This is a basic agreement that today allows us to build close cooperation with universities on the use of digital services, formats that will be transformed within the university into changes related to the personal trajectory of student learning, updating educational programs and entering universities in the field of online education, the introduction of technology management based on data and other tools. This is a "soft" change in educational programs, the expansion of the boundaries of universities and the opportunity for each student to join the process of solving the problems of technological breakthrough," Tretyakov concluded.

ISLAND 10-22

The Ministry of Education and Science, the Agency organized the Island 10-22 educational intensive, which takes place in Skoltech from July 10 to July 22, for Strategic Initiatives, the Skolkovo Foundation, RVC, the 20.35 University, the Digital Economy organization, and the NTI platform. The goal of the intensive is the active involvement of Russian universities in the processes of transformation of the education system, providing a technological breakthrough. It is expected that more than one and a half thousand people will take part in the work of the laboratories and intensive departments, including representatives of 100 universities, entrepreneurs, scientists and managers from 72 regions of the Russian Federation.

For universities, participation in the Island project is the beginning of interaction with the National Technological Initiative (NTI), a program to create the conditions for introducing Russian breakthrough technologies into international markets. The tasks and capabilities of NTI are integrated into the national project named Science. According to the national project passport, by 2020, as many as fourteen NTI competence canters should be created.

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