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The Executive of RVC Spoke About the Final Tests of Uncrewed Vehicles

Source: RIA News

The final tests of uncrewed vehicles at the NAMI training ground in the suburbs of Moscow will be held in December 2019, said the General Director of Russian Venture Company (RVC) Alexander Povalko in an interview with RIA Novosti on the sidelines of the Eastern Economic Forum.

The Winter City Up Great Contest, organized by RVC, ASI, and the Skolkovo Foundation, started in 2018. According to the assignment, participants must create an uncrewed vehicle that can move in extreme climatic conditions in a city, in the absence of road marking, with low visibility of the roadway and in the presence of traffic.

“The Winter City Contest ends in December. We have had trial tests, five teams have confirmed the technical requirements, and in December we plan to conduct final tests,” he said.

“We organized this Contest at a very suitable time. UAVs are now being actively put into circulation, test zones have been identified, plans for the active use of UAVs have been identified,” Povalko added.

In February 2019, the teams participating in the Up Great Contest passed tests of drones at the NAMI training ground in the Dmitrovsky district of the Moscow region. Among the tasks of the qualification stage, there are avoiding obstacles, driving in traffic jams, driving through an adjustable and unregulated intersection, turning left, parking, etc. At the test site, the conditions of a real urban environment are simulated: recreated the movement of pedestrians and other cars, road maintenance works. Teams that successfully completed at least half of the tasks reached the final. The winner will be the team whose drone can overcome the technological barrier, which is to drive 50 kilometres on winter roads in less than three hours while respecting the rules of the road. The prize fund of the Contest will be 175 million roubles.

The WEF is being held in Vladivostok on September 4–6. MIA Russia Today is the general information partner of the Eastern Economic Forum.

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