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Science and technology are driven not only by the researcher curiosity, but also by the public needs. Life often sets before the scientists and engineers new tasks that seemed previously impossible, and then there is a chance for breakthrough discoveries. One of the most effective development instruments is technological contests. The teams compete to create a solution that is of strategic importance at a global scale. Thus, Up Great technology contests are aimed to overcome the technological barriers in the areas that now look the most promising. They are organized by Russian Venture Company (RVC), Skolkovo Foundation, Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI).

The contents are held as part of the National Technology Initiative.

Together with the organizers of Up Great technology contests, we will talk about the current areas required new technological breakthroughs. Experts participating in the development of Up Great contests help us to work on the project.

You will learn, in particular, what successes have been achieved by the participants of the already launched contests “First Element” (development of hydrogen fuel cell power plants) and “Winter City” (development of unmanned vehicle for winter roads). And of course, we will discuss the problems that are still waiting for their solutions.

We want as many people as possible to know about Up Great technology contests because these contests can open a window to the future, and you can become a part of great discoveries.

The organizers of Up Great technology contests invite the teams of engineers, developers, technology enthusiasts and anyone who is ready to create the future technologies to participation. The participants are faced with a complex task that has not been solved anywhere in the world. And the one who overcame the barrier will not only receive a significant cash prize, but also prove that each barrier is an opportunity to make oneself known and change the world.

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