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Unmanned aerial vehicles in the Russian Federation may be allowed to fly at an altitude of up to 150 m without special permission

Source: TASS

The project of the Ministry of Transport is going to enter into force in May, 2019.

The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation proposes to allow flights of unmanned aerial vehicles at an altitude of less than 150 m without obtaining permission in the Unified Air Traffic Management System. The corresponding draft resolution of the government of the Russian Federation, developed by the Ministry of Transport, has been published on the portal of draft regulatory legal acts.

The explanatory note to the document mentions that it is prepared for the implementation of one of the points of the roadmap under the national technology initiative in the sphere of “Aeronet”.

“The draft decree is developed <…> in terms of determining the procedure for the use of airspace for unmanned aerial vehicles used according to the rules of visual flights at an altitude of no more than 150 m, except for zones with established limits, without the need to obtain permission in the Unified Air Traffic Management System of the Russian Federation”, — the text of the document says.

As the resolution says, responsibility for the prevention of collisions of unmanned aerial vehicles with manned aircraft and other material objects in the air, as well as collisions with obstacles on the ground rests on the external pilot.

The Ministry of Transport document is aimed at solving issues of creating conditions for organizing flights of unmanned aerial systems at the territories without limits on the use of airspace within the established requirements. It also implies “providing conditions for the development of aircraft modeling and the implementation of educational programs for training operators of unmanned aircraft systems with a take-off weight of up to 30 kg”.

The project is going to enter into force in May, 2019.

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