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Energy Internet Project starts in Singapore with EnergyNet participation

Source: Informbureau 20.35

EnergyNet participants’ decisions are to be implemented at the huge market of island territories of South-East Asia.

EnergyNet has achieved remarkable success today in Singapore: Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, ONDER and RTSoft signed an agreement on joint research and cooperation with Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

Already this year, EnergyNet projects in Singapore will earn elements of the energy Internet — the ONDER and EMS AMIGO transaction blockchain platform from RTSoft. Active work will begin on preparing the installation of an energy hub and other elements of the Neural Grid, which are being created at MIPT. All these solutions will be deployed at the REIDS test site and are designed to demonstrate the benefits of EnergyNet solutions for the vast market of island territories in South East Asia.

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