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Omsk students will make a product for NTI markets

Source: Newsbusiness.rf

On April 9, the network educational intensiveness of the University of the National Technology Initiative “20.35” started at the key university of the region.

The uniqueness of this project is in that the teams of four leading universities of the city of Omsk are united in it — Omsk State Technical University, Omsk University n.a. F.M. Dostoievsky, Omsk State Agricultural University n.a. P.A. Stolypin, Siberian State Automobile and Highway University.

Anatoly Kosykh,
Rector of OmSTU:
“In modern conditions of the economy, we are talking about the formation of a “new” specialist who can fully meet the challenges facing our state. I am sure that participation in such intensives will allow us to look at the learning process differently. Therefore, I hope that the event will be useful for all of us. Congratulations on the launch of the new educational program”.

Also, welcoming remarks were made to the participants by Alexey Yakub, Rector of OmSU. n.a. F.M. Dostoevsky, Oksana Shumakova, Rector of OmSAU. n.a. P.A. Stolypin, Pavel Korchagin, Acting Rector of SibAHI and Vitaly Genarov, the Head of the “University 20.35” project. The event resulted in the signing of a five-sided agreement between the four Omsk universities and the STI University “20.35”.

Vitaly Genarov,
“University 20.35” project Manager:
“It’s not for nothing that we call the format of this event “intensive”, because the participants are, in fact, awaited diverse tasks during the learning of educational programs. From our point of view, what will happen is in many ways reminiscent of real professional activity after graduation, even more so than the traditional educational university format”.

Within the event, a project laboratory was also held for the students-participants, where the project manager of the Innovation Ecosystem Development Directorate of Russian Venture Company, JSC Artem Krytsin made a presentation “Innovation economy and technological entrepreneurship” with the aim of implementation of perspective projects for the NTI markets.

In total, 410 people were registered at the intensive, of which 257 people started the selection, 130 — passed all educational activities. For 73 days, the participants will receive a huge number of lectures and trainings both offline and online at completely different venues of four Omsk universities with the participation of invited experts, representatives of industrial partners, large industrial enterprises and business. At the end of the course, participants should prepare a final presentation of their project for potential investors and industrial partners.

Intensive UNTI “20.35” is an accelerated course on making products for the markets of the future and managing personal and team effectiveness. The course involves the solution of real-world problems, teamwork, practical experience, relevant approaches, advanced acceleration practices, tutoring support, mentors and industrial partners support. The university works on 4 typical educational models, in Omsk a model of joint projects with universities will be implemented along personal learning paths and project activities of students.

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