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Dmitriy Peskov: Perm Territory can enter the top 5 regions of the country for the development of NTI

Source: Perm city portal

Today, on April 24, the second meeting of the Coordination Council for the Development of the Digital Economy of the Perm Territory was held at the “Kvantorium Photonics” venue. The key topic of discussion was the implementation of the national technology initiative (NTI) in the Kama region. The event was attended by Dmitriy Peskov, Special Representative of the President of Russia for digital and technological development, Maxim Reshetnikov, Governor of the Perm Territory, and information technology experts.

The head of the Kama region noted that the implementation of the national technology initiative has been started by the instructions of the President for a long time. Perm Territory in this direction is not a leader yet, while the region has a high potential for the development of technological initiatives.

“NTI involves the selection of perspective technologies and the search for those participants who will develop these technologies. We have really high potential — there are 75 companies in the region that correspond to the priorities of the NTI, and some of them are, of course, well-known. We definitely declare on photonics, obviously, we have perspective robotics, there are a number of interesting ideas that emerged as a result of scientific reform in Russia, when different directions were united on the basis of the scientific center, and new directions appeared at the intersection of sciences, — Maxim Reshetnikov emphasized. — We understand that today's conversation is not an applied one. This conversation is not about particular figures, but about the directions in which the development will proceed. It is important for us that the Perm economy, the Perm business were at the cutting edge of development, so that students could see perspective directions”.

Dmitriy Peskov, in his turn, noted that the Perm Territory has a really high potential for the implementation of national technological initiatives.

“On the Federal map, the potential of the Perm Territory has not been manifested yet. We understand that if we intensify work in this direction, then in six months the Perm Territory can rise to the top five leading regions in this direction, the Federal expert estimated the perspectives for the Kama region. — Today we saw plans for the region to improve the quality of life, to landscape the city. This is also important for the development of NTI, because now technological development is inseparable from comfort. It is important that young perspective personnel do not want to leave here, so that they understand that they can live here and hence solve the global issue”.

Mikhail Antonov, Deputy General Director, Director for Innovative Infrastructure Development at RVC, presented the technologies for implementing NTI, which are used by regions of the country, and noted the most successful ones. A positive example is the experience of the Perm Territory. In particular, according to the representative of RVC, the development of the technology business is positively influenced by the presence of a project office in the region or a single window for entering the NTI. The expert also noted the organization of cooperation between technology companies, universities, scientific institutions of the Perm Territory with Federal working groups of the NTI markets. According to him, this makes it possible to effectively prepare personnel for the development of industry.

Vladimir Makarenko, Fort Telecom development director, told about what business expects from science.

“We are waiting for personnel from science. We are waiting for those people who do not need to retrain, adapt, who will come with their ideas and be ready to create new products. Science today provides “semi-finished products”, so we are talking about the relevance of building corporate universities”, — the businessman explained.

Recall that in November last year, the Government of the Perm Territory and the Russian Venture Company, which is the Design Office of NTI, made a cooperation agreement in the Perm Territory. A “road map” of NTI implementation was signed at the beginning of this year.

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