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About Importance of Introduction of the Internet of Things Standard in Russia

Source: Informbureau 20.35

Valentin Makarov
market leader SafeNet NTIO, CEO of RUSSOFT

Technical Committee 194 “Cyber-Physical Systems” of Rosstandard (TC 194) performs very important work for the NTI society as a whole.

The thing is that the main principle of the new technology structure to enter which the NTI has been created in Russia is based on substitution of a human by cyber-physical systems for the purposes to manage critical infrastructure and processes. And the countries which could develop the best platform-based solutions for cyber-physical system management, as well as impose own cuber-physical standards on the global economy will be the beneficiaries.

Example of introduction by TC 194 of the Internet of Things Standard (practical approval of the national standard started on April 1.  — reflects very important changes. The Russain IT industry, represented by the Internet of Things Association, has grown up and now it is not only capable of developing a competitive solution but is mentally ready to claim for leading positions in one of the most prospective sectors of new technology structure.

This achievement should be accompanied by the TC 194 activity at the global level where Nikita Utkin and his team members succeeded to get the right for initiating the development of own Internet of Things Standard. It should noticed that the “Security Platform” Association headed by Andrey Tikhonov from Kaspersky Lab actively participates in the international cooperation in the system “security”. The activities both of the Technical Committee “Cyber-Physical Systems”, and “Security Platform” Association reflect practical results of the SafeNet community that was established within the NTI four years ago. Till this time, the SafeNet Working Group has not been recognized de jure, but it regularly provides the results de facto.

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