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The NTI will develop an unmanned vehicle space tracking system

Source: RIA News

The experts of the National Technology Initiative (NTI) are developing an unmanned vehicle tracking system with the use of space satellites, as the Press Service of the “Avtonet” NTI Working Group reported to RIA News. It is explained that the project is developed by “Avtonet”, “Aeronet”, “Marinet” and other market participants.

“Currently, the concept of the unmanned vehicle space tracking is being developed. We deal with creation of the commercial services on the basis of satellite technologies. This is made by tens of specialists form the NTI “Avtonet”, “Aeronet”, “Marinet” , and the representatives of the space industry play a unifying role. Main developments in this field are planned to be represented on April 23 in the frameworks of the International Navigation Forum,” the interviewer reported.

The satellite communication is supposed to ensure the unmanned vehicles contact not only with the relevant infrastructure, but also with each other. Thus, the unmanned vehicle can “communicate” with drones and received weather information through them.

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