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Russian Pupils Created a Prototype of the Space Robot Snake

Source: RIA News

Russian pupils, the finalists of the “Duty on the Planet” program of the Circle Classes of the National Technology Initiative (NTI), created a prototype of the autonomous space rover for space research in the form of the robot snake, as the Press Service of the organization reported to RIA News.

“The structure of the robot snake increases the vehicle manoeuvrability in the difficult relief and makes it possible to study the environment of the planets: analyse the temperature and humidity, record the magnetic fields, survey the location, etc.,” according to the interviewer.

The space rover moves with digital servodrive — 11 servo motors rotating the chains in the XZ (forward) or XY (to the side) planes. The robot structure also includes Arduino Nano boards, front and rear cameras, sensors (temperature, humidity, magnetic field, vibration, and distance gauge), receivers, accumulator batteries for the rover and camera.

The prototype of the space rover was developed by a team of pupils from Krasnoyarsk gymnasium No. 10. They think that such robot-researchers can be used in future in space biology, space geology, dynamic meteorology, including for making the detailed 3D-surveys of locations of the planets, chemistry charts of the location, local relief mapping.

“The project is prospective and very difficult from the engineering point of view”. For period of work in “Sirius”, the project has been significantly finalized and, that is most important, the prospectives of development of this robot for using in the space have been determined,” the Head of Design Office of the “Duty on the Planet” program of the NTI Circle Classes, Anton Rogachev, pointed out.

The “Duty on the Planet” program includes five competitions in three areas: small satellites, on-board systems and space missions; ground segment; space data use and processing. The planners of the program are the NTI Circle Classes, “Sirius”Educational Centre (“Talent and Success” Fund), Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech), State Corporation “Roskosmos” and Innovation Promotion Fund.

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