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The Finalists of the Competition for Unmanned Technology for Winter Roads have been Defined

Source: RIA News

Five teams reached the final of the Up Great technology competition for development of unmanned vehicle for winter roads organized by the RVC, Skolkovo Foundation and ASI, the RVC press service reports.

The first in Russia qualification trials of unmanned vehicles in extreme climatic conditions finished in the NAMI practice ground. 13 teams from the whole Russia reached the qualification stage of the competition: technological companies in robototronics and machine vision, developers from the leading Russian higher educational institutions. Seven of them have undergone the technical permit procedure for vehicle operation in the practice ground.

Each team has performed a series of tasks to test the capability of its unmanned vehicle adequately to react to road situations in difficult weather conditions, poor markings, poor visibility of road signs, icing and snow drifts. The participants used own sets of technologies: technical vision sensors, navigation and computing systems, ultrasound sensors and other equipment.

According to qualification results, the teams from Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University, MADI, Baystrek Rus LLC, StarLine SPO and AVTO-RTK (a joint team of NKB Computing System Office and On-Board Intelligent Systems from Taganrog, Southern Federal University and South-West State University) that have successfully performed at least four of eight tasks and reached the final of the Up Great competition “Winter City”.

The final tests of the competition will take place in December 2019. The winner will be a team which unmanned vehicle is able to overcome a technological barrier — to run 50 km over the winter roads quicker than three hours and observe the traffic rules at the same time. The prize fund of the competition is RUB 175 million.

“Winter City” is not a vehicle competition, this is a contest of intelligent resources of the teams, sophisticated machine vision technologies, signal recognition and processing algorithms. Half of the participant coped with the qualifications tasks, but I am convinced that there are no losers in the Up Great. All teams demonstrated a solid grounding and will continue improving their technical solutions, and we will provide them with necessary support, the comment of the RVC General Director, Aleksandr Povalko, is given in the report.

According to the Head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the RF, Denis Manturov, it is planned to provide a grant support to the companies that are ready for trials of their unmanned vehicles.

“This will help enter the market not only for the large performers, but also for small startups. Grant financing is provided in the frameworks of the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology. Such an opportunity is aimed at the domestic developers’ cost reduction to bring the unmanned vehicles to the public roads. And the prerequisite for bringing such unmanned vehicles to the roads is assessment of compliance with safety requirements to be conducted by the Test Laboratory,” as the Press Service of the Ministry cited Manturov.

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