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MSU scientists plan to create quantum simulator to model new materials

Source: TASS

This device will allow calculations of substances with desired properties, such as drugs or new fuels.

Scientists at the Moscow State University are planning to complete work on the creation of a quantum simulator for calculating substances with given properties by 2024, which will accelerate the development of all branches of production. TASS was told about this by Sergey Kulik, Scientific Supervisor at “Center for Quantum Technologies” of the NTI Competence Center, created at the Lomonosov Moscow State University.

A quantum simulator predicts with high accuracy the behavior of quantum systems, including, above all, complex molecules.

“We are planning to complete the bulk of the work on the creation of a quantum simulator by 2024. This device will allow us to make calculations of substances with given properties, such as drugs or new types of fuel. Quantum chemistry is engaged in this task today. The creation of new materials will change humans’ life, this is a huge impetus to development in all sectors, from medicine to the defense industry, explained Kulik.

Specialists of the NTI Competence Center are working on the creation of a 50-qubit quantum computer operating on the basis of photonic chips and neutral atoms. It is the number of qubits (quantum bits) that can be in the superposition of several states that determine the power of the device — thanks to this, the calculator can simultaneously perform many operations. It would have taken an ordinary laptop hundreds of years to complete them.

The agreement, which contained plans to create the simulator, was concluded at the Russian Investment Forum in February 2018. The document was signed by representatives of the Moscow State University, Vnesheconombank, VEB Innovations Fund, the Foundation for Advanced Studies, and ANO Digital Economy. The project is being implemented in the framework of the program for the development of “Center for Quantum Technologies” of the NTI Competence Center.

NTI competence centers

The NTI competence centers are divisions that are created at the premises of educational or scientific organizations and are engaged in the development of the so-called NTI cross-cutting technologies. These technologies include big data, artificial intelligence, quantum technologies, new and portable energy sources, wireless technologies, virtual and augmented reality technologies, etc.

The centers conduct research and educational activities in a consortium with leading technology companies. The NTI competence centers project operator is Russian Venture Company.

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