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Scientists from Russia to create smart system enabling to increase rail traffic volume

Source: TASS

At the moment, the developers together with the Russian Railways company services are planning to conduct laboratory tests.

Scientists at “Artificial Intelligence” NTI Competence Center at the premises of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) will develop a “smart” system for forecasting and optimizing traffic, which will increase the rail traffic volume. This was announced to TASS by Roman Gorbachev, Executive Director of the center, on Thursday.

The developers are conducting the first phase of research. In the future, the authors of the project, together with the services of the Russian Railways company, are planning to create a research stand and conduct laboratory tests.

“Our task is to create an intelligent system for forecasting, modeling and optimizing railway traffic. Given the many indicators — from the railway condition to the dimensions of a particular car — this system will be able to find the best solution for organizing transportation on a particular section. Even a slight optimization of traffic, for example, on the Trans-Siberian Railway will lead to an increase in the volume of transported goods, and this is an increase in profits in monetary terms, Gorbachev explained.

The system will also benefit in case of emergency situations on the railways, when dispatchers need to quickly make a decision, the developers believe. The system based on artificial intelligence technologies will constantly increase the volumes of its memory, taking into account not only the real situation, but also the experience of solving such problems in the past.

“In the future, the entire transport ecosystem will operate automatically. That is, the UAV trains will receive commands to reduce the speed or change the route directly from the intelligent system, without human intervention. Our technology will be applicable not only in the Russian railway industry, but also in other countries, added Gorbachev.

The NTI competence centers are divisions that are established at the premises of educational or scientific organizations and are engaged in the development of the so-called NTI cross-cutting technologies. These technologies include big data, artificial intelligence, quantum technologies, new and portable energy sources, wireless technologies, virtual and augmented reality technologies, etc. The centers conduct research and educational activities in a consortium with leading technology companies. The centers’ project operator is Russian Venture Company (RVC).

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