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RVC named seven winners of the NTI infrastructure centers selection contest

Source: TASS

As RVC CEO Alexandr Povalko noted, "the selected centers should, as the time goes, become the core of the market association joining industry technological community"

Seven non-commercial organizations became the winners of the contest selection of infrastructure centers of the National Technology Initiative (NTI), "Russian Venture Company" JSC (RVC) reported on Thursday.

"RVC summarized contest selection of the NTI infrastructure centers. The winners are seven non-commercial organizations in the directions Autonet, Aeronet, Neuronet, Healthnet, Energynet, Technet and Circle Movement that unite representatives of the business community for the purpose of development of new markets and expert and analytic services for its participants", reported in the message.

About NTI centers

NTI infrastructure tasks include preparation of the market and technological analytic including forecast of NTI markets development and analysis of technological and legal barriers, development of the offers in legal and technological regulations of the new markets, development of the professional community and promotions of NTI, assistance in promotion of the technological products and services to the global market.

"Financing of the implementation of tasks is settled out of public funds during the first three years in the mount of 682 million rubles with complete substitution for the non-budgetary financing from the fourth year of the centers operation", the message states.

The winners of the contest selection are Association of the developers, producers and consumers of the equipment based on the global navigation system "GLONASS/GNSS-Forum" (Autonet market), ANO "Aeronet analytic center" (Aeronet market), "Neuronet" industry union (Neuronet market), Science and technology park of the Novosibirsk Academgorodok (Healthnet market), "Technet" Association (Technet market), Fund "Strategy developments center "North-West" (Energynet market), and Association of the technology circles participants (Circle movement).

«Further Development of NTI requires professional infrastructure. The selected centers should, as the time goes, become the core of the market association joining industry technological community. We expect that infrastructure centers will be able to organize work related to expert assistance of the task forces, elimination of the legal barriers, engagement of the relevant projects, professionalization of the communities and development of the market infrastructure", words of the General director of RVC Aleksandr Povalko are stated in the message.

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