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Head of RVC: Our main purpose is development of infrastructure to support new markets.

Source: InformBureau 20.35

In the nearest two-three years, the main National Technology Initiative task will be development of the infrastructure to support new markets, CEO of the Russian Venture Company Alexandr Povalko announced today, on December 6, at the forum "NTI infrastructure: Future Technology".

"We would like to move it all to the system of agreements between us, to the system of our undertakings", Povalko noted. "NTI is only about support provided to the projects and about hearing people. There are more global tasks, tasks related to achievement of the global leadership. In initial statement and the expectations that were determined at the beginning that task was set up in this way: not less than five companies global leaders by 2035. We need to remember about it, we do not go away from this task", RVC CEO emphasized.

According to him, achieving of the purpose will be possible if three conditions are addressed.

"We need to stake on people, on persons with high internal energy. We can do nothing without new technological solutions. We will have to learn how the transfer scientific knowledge to technologies, and technologies — to products", the expert noticed.

The third component is quick beta-testing of the new business models. Requirements to cooperation of the market participants will be included in the support system.

"Separate product projects do not change the system systematically. We will have to agree, search for the solutions that will, due to cooperation and engagement of the big number of players and system approach, allow changing the situation and not only to explain why this or that initiative wasn't successful", Povalko declared.

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