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Russian technologies go the global market

Source: NIA Kuban

Russian technologies should go to global markets. This is the main purpose of the national technology initiative (NTI). Extensive state program related to achievement of the Russia’s technological leadership was created four years ago. Its tasks include development of such perspective market fields as unmanned transport, neuro technologies, personalized medicine, smart power energy, advanced production technologies.

In Sochi, more than 400 NTI participants — representatives of the leading universities and companies that create and promote breakthrough technologies — talked about the results and future plans. They became participants of the forum organized by the Russian Venture Company (RVC).

— It is necessary to understand where to move to. The forum, in my opinion, is an opportunity to tell to each other everything that is boiled and try to mark and agree on where to go further, General Director of Russian Venture Company Aleksandr Povalko emphasized.

For the four years of the program running its base hypothesis remained the same — development of the solutions for the new markets and launching Russian companies on them. The first implementation stage is creation of the necessary infrastructure has been already completed. Thus, 14 NTI competence centers are working on the base of scientific organizations and universities; their purpose is to establish the continuous process of creation of new technologies, their transfer to the products or licenses and transmission of such products to the market agents in business environment. The centers attract partners from the corporations, other universities and scientific organizations. In total, financing of the projects within the NTI framework from the date the program was launched amounted to 15.6 billion rubles including state subsidies for 8.7 billion rubles. NTI supported 482 projects.

— Today, our task is the increase number of the projects and transfer to quality. We need to support not 100 start-ups a year, but 1000, not a thousand, but ten thousands. We need to work with the external markets more actively. We already work on this model. One of the first countries — Serbia where the execution of the agreement between the Russian NTI companies and European countries is prepared. We start working with South East Asia, Africa. Our task is to make the Russian national technology initiative international, but preserving Russian heart, face and taxation, Digital and technological representative of the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov said.

Interest to the Russian technologies exists in the world. For example, exoskeleton developed by the Russian scientists was of interest to the South Korea representatives. Now they have reached an agreement to develop the project on the Asian county market, the funds are allocated by the Korean investors.

— Recently, a presentation of the agricultural unmanned aircraft has been held in Tatarstan. It can fly about 5-6 hours with the load of 100 kg. Half of the 70 presentation attendants are investors from the different countries of the world.

They came to a small place in 100 km from Kazan to see the Russian development and make sure of its characteristics. It happened because the company that manufactures this product could not only implement it technically, it created a very interesting business model that can be really used in agriculture and can earn profit to an investor, explained Dmitry Peskov.

A gap between the ideas and their implementation is one of the main problems of the national technology initiative. We can invent, but transferring in idea to technology and them to a product is a problem. There might be several solutions including cooperation with the companies that from one side are included in the NTI system, form the other side they have already learnt how to create and sell the products outside of Russia.

— Companies that may not create NTI, but can create and sell the products on the international markets are important for us. They have access to the consumers. And they are coming to us lately. They say: "Look, we sell, for example, fertilizer agents, we already have access to the farmers in China, why can't we sell to them the other products that appear under NTI?" This is the right way of thinking. We want to work with both state corporations and private companies that move to new technologies and artificial intelligence, big data. They are our new friends that provide to us their logistics, we want to extend for their account, Digital and technological representative of the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov said.

One more important moment is human resources. There are many talents in the country, and a deficit of mid-level representatives including engineers and data specialists. That is why the country is morally ready to go the way of the other states and start "buying" specialists abroad.

— We have 400 thousand vacancies in information technology. We are ready to buy not only building specialist from Tajikistan, but also data processing specialist from India only if we are not able to fill it with the Russian professionals, Dmitry Peskov explained.

Special attention within NTI framework is paid to growing up its own personnel. Thus, future engineers within the project framework are trained at the University "20.35" New instrument to search for the breakthrough technologies in NTI will be contests aimed at solving definite engineer tasks. This format has already proved itself abroad - for example, winners of the contest held by Xprize American fund receive not only million dollars, but they also find investors and gain global recognition. In Russia, three UpGreat contests are already announced, Russian Venture Company, by the end of 2020, plans to hold six more such contests in such fields as gene engineering, artificial intelligence in healthcare and medicine, assistant technologies, technologies for labour productivity increase.

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