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The Centre of Competencies of the NTI MISiS to Create Standards in the Field of Quantum Communications

Source: TASS

The specialists of the centre will also work on the security of data transmission through quantum networks and the protection of information from hackers.

The creation of standards in the field of quantum communications will be carried out by specialists of the Centre for Competencies of the National Technology Initiative (NTI) "Centre for Quantum Communications", which opened by the National Research Technological University MISiS (NITU MISiS) on Wednesday. The head of the Laboratory of Quantum Communications Centre Yuri Kurochkin told about these plans at a meeting dedicated to the launch of the Centre.

“Quantum communications is the ideal market for NTI. It has already begun to appear; it has powerful growth drivers, but there are no standards yet. <...> This means that we have a chance to become leaders in creating these standards. Moreover, we are already doing it,” said Kurochkin.

In addition to the development of standards for quantum communications, the specialists of the Centre for Competence and Information Technologies will deal with the security of data transmission over quantum networks and the protection of information from hackers. We are talking not only about quantum computers, but also about satellite systems, UAVs, and the Internet of Things devices.

“The tools used in quantum cryptography can be used in other applications as well. In particular, the blockchain can be protected,” explained Ruslan Yunusov, General Director of the Russian Quantum Centre.

During the first year, the necessary infrastructure will be created in the Centre, and the Centre’s consortium will demonstrate the first results of work in six specific areas in 2019, Yunusov added.

The “Centre for Quantum Communications” of MISiS is among the 14 NTI competence centres created for the development of “end-to-end technologies”, which will be in demand on international markets in the next 15-20 years. The project operator is the Russian Venture Company (RVC).

NTI competence centres are divisions that are created by educational or scientific organizations and are engaged in the development of so-called NTI end-to-end technologies, including big data, artificial intelligence, quantum technologies, new and portable energy sources, components of robotics, wireless technologies, virtual and augmented reality.

The centres conduct research and educational activities in a consortium with major technology companies.

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