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Digital economy personnel will be trained at the island Russian

Source: Indicator

Director of the ASI Division "Young Professionals" Dmitry Peskov
Donat Sorokin/TASS

The first in Russia accelerated educational program to train personnel for digital economy and National Technology Initiative (NTI) will be held at the island Russian — "Island 10-21". The program will be held on July 10-21, 2018 at the island Russian based on Far East Federal University, and any Russian citizen above 15 years feeling like it who passed through selection on the website project till May 12. Dmitry Peskov, Director of the department "Young Professional" of the Strategic Initiative Strategy reported about this at the press conference in TASS, as reported by the Indicator. Ru. reporter.

"We consider this project as an element of a more global project "University 20.35" that implies collection, search for and re-formatting of the best technological and thoughtful solutions in relation to education and fast delivery of these documents to all who feels like it", Dmitry Peskov told.

According to him, the main problem of the modern educational programs is multi-stage standardization and certification requiring six-eight years. Content of the profession may change by 70-80% during this period.

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