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An expert commented on the possibility of using unmanned vehicles in Russia

Source: Russia Today

The co-director of the working group of the NTI “Autonet” Alexander Gurko told RT what problems related to the introduction in Russia of technology to operate cars without drivers one has to face and how this problems are planned to be solved.

Gurko noted that the use of transport with a high degree of automation is hampered by an inadequate road coverage with systems of navigation accuracy improving.

"About 70% of the economically active territory of the Russian Federation is not covered by a network of differential reference stations, which actually determine the location of any "smart" vehicle. We continue to actively promote the introduction of regional navigation systems. The systems successfully operate in Ryazan, Smolensk, Kaluga, Chelyabinsk regions, and on April 24, within the framework of the XII International Navigation Forum, the results of modernization of Regional navigation and information system (RNIS) of Moscow region will be summed up," Gurko said.

He added that one more barrier is the lack of a legal framework that would simplify the introduction of innovative products and advanced technologies to the market. Currently, Russia is working out solutions to existing problems.

The NTI Autonet working group was established under the Presidium of the Council for the Modernization of the Russian Economy under the President of the Russian Federation. The group's goal is to develop the unmanned transport industry in the country for passenger and cargo transportation.

Earlier it became known that the California authorities made changes in the Traffic Rules of the state, which allow the operation of cars without drivers and under the remote control of the operator.

By: Pavel Astakhov

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