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The finals of the NTI's academic competition named “Olympiad” attended by 578 schoolchildren

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Following the results of the second stage of the NTI’s Olympiad, 578 schoolchildren have entered the finals. They include specialists in 15 fields and children who won honourable prizes at the last year's NTI Olympiad and open engineering competitions.

The most active participants came from Novosibirsk region (101 finalists), St. Petersburg (50 finalists) and Moscow (49 finalists), Krasnoyarsk Territory (46 finalists) and the Republic of Tatarstan (40 finalists).

"The final stage of the NTI’s Olympiad will feature talented schoolchildren who have already applied engineering skills in practice and showed creative potential during the qualifiers and diverse hackathons. Now the children will have to focus on solving common problems, developing and pilot-testing engineering solutions," Mikhail Antonov, Deputy CEO, Innovation Infrastructure Director at RVC, says.

The finalists are to take part in team-based engineering competitions with individual theoretical part. Winners and prize-takers will have an opportunity to enter the universities, which organized the academic competition, without taking exams or receive additional points upon taking entrance exams.

The NTI’s Olympiad is organized by the Russian Venture Company together with the Agency for Strategic Initiatives. Among the partners to the academic competition are Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow Polytechnic Institute, Moscow Aviation Institute, National University of Science and Technology MISiS and other Russian universities.

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