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Chinese Companies are Interested in Promobot Robots

Source: RIA News

Робот Promobot V.4
© RIA Novosti / Rostislav Netisov

Four companies from the PRC are interested in the “smart” robots of the Perm company Promobot, Oleg Kivokurtsev, director of development for the company, told RIA Novosti.

Multifunctional terminal Promobot Control scans passports, issues passes, and blocks access to visitors with high temperatures. It is based on the Promobot Termocontrol, a free non-contact temperature measurement terminal, which non-contact measures temperature in 5 seconds with an accuracy of 0.2 degrees. The upgraded device is also equipped with a passport scanner, a receipt printer, an access card dispenser and RFID reader, a bankcard payment terminal, and a disinfectant dispenser.

According to Kivokurtsev, large enterprises — partners of Promobot from China- have become interested in the new development.

“We have requests for this solution from mainland China and Hong Kong. Among the interested companies: Keysi Microelectronics, Hong Kong Science and Technological Park, and Ubetter, a Chinese lithium-ion battery development company,” he said.

He noted that Chinese companies are considering the most advanced technological solutions to combat COVID-19 from around the world, and the Promobot Control station is such a solution.

“However, the key advantage, due to which many companies are interested, is that the Promobot Control station can also serve in the post-pandemic world. It can be integrated with absolutely any access control system (access control system), video monitoring systems, administration, and customer accounting. This solution is ready and available for implementation today. Speed is the main factor today, even for China,” Kivokurtsev said.

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