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RVC: Russian Venture Capital Market Grew by 1.5 Times in 2019


In 2019, the Russian venture capital market grew one and a half times compared to 2018, the Russian Venture Company (RVC) said.

According to RVC, in 2019, investors spent in Russian start-ups $520 million, the number of transactions reached 776, the number of exits from assets — 82. In 2018, the volume of investments amounted to $352 million, the number of transactions — 684, the number of exits — 48, the publication clarifies.

RVC analyzed data of 208 investors. Half of the transactions were non-public, the newspaper said. The most active investors were the Internet Initiatives Development Fund (45 transactions totaling $1.3 million), Altair Seed Fund (38 transactions for $15 million), Day One Ventures (27 transactions for $7 million), Starta Ventures (26 transactions for $4 million) and Runa Capital (20 transactions for $33.9 million).

Among the most successful transactions, RVC announced the sale of 4.2% of the shares of Avito by the daughter company Baring Vostok Geliria Holdings — according to Vedomosti, the transaction amounted to $161 million, as well as the sale of the interest in Nginx company owned by Runa Capital of the F5 American Company.

The rating also takes into account transactions of Russian investors with foreign projects — they were invested not only in Russian start-ups, specified in RVC.

By: Galina Mubarakshina.

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