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A venture Fund is formed for the Federal project “Personnel” for digital economy

Source: Informbureau 20.35

Fund investments will be accessible not only for technological startups but also for the projects on making an educational content.

The participants of a working group “Personnel and education” ANSO “Digital economy” have discussed the conception of a venture Fund for maintaining perspective educational technologies.

A venture Fund of educational projects is being made within implementation of the Federal project “Personnel for digital economy”. It is in charge of making the Russian venture company (RVC) Fund. Fund investments will be accessible not only for technological startups but also for the projects on making an educational content. By 2024, a pool of perspective educational projects for the digital economy should be at least 200 projects.

The project of a venture Fund conception was presented by Yulia Onishchuk (Russian Venture Company, JSC) The working group participants have discussed various models how to attract resources and payout controls.

The participants of the working group “Personnel and education” also assessed the opportunity for attracting experts from foreign markets for the Fund operation and perspective of the investing into foreign startups. According to Dmitriy Peskov, Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation for Digital and Technological Development, the key distinction of the Fund will be the expertise on bringing Russian educational projects to the world market.

The presentation of the Venture Fund to support educational startups was planned within the Educational Intensive “Island 10-22”, which will be held on July, 10-22 in Moscow, at the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology.

“Personnel for the digital economy” is a Federal project to improve the educational system, which should provide the digital economy with competent personnel. The key areas of the project are the transformation of the labor market, which should be based on the requirements of the digital economy and the creation of a system of motivation for the development of the necessary competencies and the participation of personnel in the development of the digital economy of Russia.

According to the project by 2024, at least 800 thousand graduates of the vocational education system should have competencies in the area of information technology at the worldwide average level, and at least 120 thousand graduates of the higher education system will be trained on IT specialities. It is assumed that the share of the population with digital skills by 2021 will be at least 40%.

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