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Pilot Innovative Projects in the Far East to Receive up to 350 Mln Rubles of Investment

Source: TASS

The Far East High Technology Fund will support companies, including those involved in the development of fuel cells and robotic technology

The Far Eastern High Technology Fund (FEHTF) is investing up to 350 million roubles in innovative pilot projects, in particular, on the development of fuel cells and robotic technology. An agreement on this was signed on Wednesday at the Eastern Economic Forum (WEF).

The following people signed the multilateral agreement: Ruslan Sarkisov, Director of FEHTF, Pavel Achikyan, Director for Business Development of Viar Trading Systems, Alexey Ivanenko, the founder of BMPower, Rustem Rusanov, General Director of Visitech, and Oleg Kachanov, Executive of the Scientific Production Enterprise.

Under the agreement, the FEHTF, which was created with the participation of the Far East Development Fund (FEDF), Rusnano and Russian Venture Company (RVC) with a total volume of about five billion roubles, will support companies that have developed unique hydrogen fuel cells for drones and robotic technology, an intelligent modular system ensuring industrial safety, a VR-learning platform, an autonomous power supply system that allows you to convert gas from gas pipelines into thermal and electrical energy.

"I hope that our investments will make a significant contribution to the transformation of the Russian Far East into a technologically developed, competitive macro-region,” said Anatoly Chubais, the Chairman of the Management Board of RUSNANO.

Alexey Chekunkov, Executive of the FEDF, noted that in the Far East there are enormous opportunities for implementing breakthrough innovative projects.

“Government support for the introduction of effective innovations will increase the competitiveness of the Far Eastern economy,” he said.

About Fund' Projects

According to the Executive of RVC, Alexander Povalko, the priorities of the investment strategy of the FEHTF are projects that correspond to the markets of the National Technology Initiative (NTI).

"This is the fifth fund in the RVC portfolio already, whose mandate is focused on NTI. Thus, we expect to expand the range of tools for venture support for NTI projects,” he explained.

RVC explained that under the agreement, up to 30 million roubles is planned to be spent on the development and implementation of the VR-training system created by ViAr Trading Systems. This system makes it possible to use virtual reality to train employees to work out production scenarios of emergencies at complex industrial facilities such as mines and oil platforms.

It is planned to invest up to 70 million roubles in the modular intellectual system created by the Visitech Company to automate business processes in the field of industrial safety.

The fund will invest up to 150 million roubles in the development of an autonomous power supply system for remote objects created by Tekhnoavtomat. The company's equipment makes it possible to convert the transported gas of the gas pipeline into electrical and thermal energy.

"Part of the monetary funds will be directed to the equipment of the production site of the company in Khabarovsk for mass production of equipment," said TASS representative RVC.

BMPower will receive monetary funds for the development of innovative fuel cell technology based on proton-exchange membranes, which allow the chemical energy of hydrogen to be converted into electricity, bypassing inefficient combustion processes. If ordinary cargo copters fly today for no more than 15 minutes due to the low power consumption of batteries, then due to BMPower electrochemical elements, the flight time can be increased up to three hours.

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