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Rating of Russian business angels 2017

Source: Firrma


Firrma by order of RVC in partnership with NABA and presents the next annual rating of business angels, the most enthusiastic private venture investors in Russia.

How we rate

1. Who is the angel? Our main criterion: the angel is the person for who venture investments are both business and work. Furthermore, investments should be regular, so we slightly tightened the criteria: this year's cut-off threshold is again set to be the minimum of 2 venture transactions over the last 12 months. Furthermore, for the angel to get into the rating, at least two transactions must be confirmed publicly, which is a critically important criterion.

We do not rate the entrepreneurs investing in their own projects (as well as investing in their own spin-offs). However, in 2017, just like in previous years, we wish to highlight newcomers - major entrepreneurs who invested in venture capital. This time this category is especially representative as almost all of them come from the Forbes list. The emergence of this group illustrates the current trends.

2. Except for entrepreneurs investing in their companies, we do not consider anyone else, be it stock exchange investors, patrons or altruists.

3. What is important, the rating is not to determine the best of the bests. It selects the most active actorss in the public sphere during the specified period, tries to show the most active market participants, and, among other things, to popularize venture investment.

4. The rating is a media product rather than a scientific research, and we ask you to treat it that way. Nevertheless, we have a methodology and we are grateful to the National Association of Business Angels (NABA) for helping us to verify it.

5. The criterion according to which we have built the list is the number of projects which have raised investments within 12 months. It meters the angel activity quite tenuously (the main thing is, of course, return on investment), but this is the most transparent and explicit indicator, and in this case it is used only to bring internal logic to the list. On the other hand, we give maximum information about each investor, so that the reader can independently assess the most important criteria.

6. We understand that all information collected and verified by us has assumptions: not all transactions become public, not all angels are ready to share this information (according to the Evaluation of the EU Member State of Business Angel Markets and Policies-2012, the share of business angels "visible" to the market in different countries of Europe ranges from 4-5% to 100 %). Furthermore, information from any source may distort the real picture of what the Russian investment market of business angels looks like. Of course, we tried to minimize these risks using both research and public information* and the data obtained from the angels, who we had interviewed personally and included in the short list.

7. Besides, the complete rating is not a random selection of business angels, but the result of market research, open findings and public information about transactions. In addition, almost all the rating's participants had to fill in the questionnaires*.

S. This year we decided not to make a traditional list of "super-angels". All its members have already joined the ranks of venture capitalists (VC), therefore we believe it to be incorrect to refer to the likes of Igor Ryabenky and Pavel Cherkashin as the angels.

Beginners and investments

Here we have assembled all the first-timers. Moreover, lots of them either started investing this year, or began to advertise their investments for the first time. We also position them according to the number of investments and the rating of activity.

  • Roman Povolotsky. The developer and producer of games, he runs Taiga VR company. 5 investments: Tilt Shift, Imperium team with VR Helper, Aura Lab, RGUPS team, Avatar-1. 
  • Dmitry Sutormin. 5 investments: Woom, RCML, Prostodom, Platfomni, ACT. Two exits: SkyPark CDN and 
  • Dmitry Sysoev. Co-founder of 2GIS. 2 investments: Welltory and Dodo Pizza. 
  • Artem Rudy Commercial commercial officer and one of the founders of the genetic company Atlas. 2 investments: a two-time investor of Welltory. 
  • Evgeny Zhulanov The owner of the InMedia holding company. 2 investments: Woom Auto Exchange and Mishiko IoT start-up. Two exits: from SkyPark CDN and 
  • Nikolay Katorzhnov. Ex-CEO of the Otkritie Capital investment company. 2 investments: KL10CH and Lobster.

Large venture capitalists

Multimillionaire and billionaire businessmen have rushed into venture so actively that we have decided to make a separate list of them. They are the most energetic businessmen, among who you will recognize permanent members of the Forbes rating.

  • Igor Rybakov. Co-founder of the "Technonikol" and "Fishermen Fund". He was in the Forbes list in 2017 with the fortune of $ 900 million. 5 investments: SOK Group, KL10CH, "CyberLeninka", "Volonteam", DandyBox,
  • Alexander Ruchiev Co-founder and ex-shareholder of Morton Construction Corporation. 3 investments: Awerspace, Smart Valley, ICO Lab Ecosystem.
  • Sergey Solonin Co-founder and co-owner of QIWI, LP of several venture funds. 2 investments: "Theories and Practices", Consortium of the British Higher School of Design.
  • Alexander Tynkovan Co-founder and ex-shareholder of M.Video. He was in the Forbes 2017 list with the fortune of $ 800 million. 1 investment:
  • Dmitry Rybolovlev He was in the Forbes list of 2017 with the fortune of 7 billion 300 million dollars. 1 investment: Alevo (pending bankruptcy).
  • Kenes Rakishev A Kazakhstan businessman, shareholder and chairman of the board of directors at Kazkommertsbank JSC. 1 investment: Orbi Prime.
  • Mikhail Fridman. Co-owner and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Alfa Group Consortium, member of the Supervisory Board of Veon Ltd. He was in the Forbes list of 2017 with the fortune of 14 billion 400 million dollars. 1 investment: Molotov.
  • Sergey Kozlovsky. Co-founder of Incom. 1 investment: "Bonus Club".
  • Sergey Plastinin. Co-founder and ex-shareholder of Wimm-Bill-Dann. 1 investment: Dressformer.
  • Eduard Tiktinsky. Founder and CEO of Investment and Construction Holding company RBI. 1 investment: "Partiya Edi"

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