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Russian startup aims to boost internet speed significantly
The founders of MaxTelCom believe their technology can bring fiber-optic networks to every apartment and office, which will boost the quality and speed of the internet by dozens if not hundreds of times compared to what we are familiar with today. The company plans to make its debut on the international market in 2015
In any country, the venture market lives in cycles: investment bubbles deflate and are followed by periods of decline and then by periods of rise again. During the periods of recession the industry usually consolidates, the number of funds and transactions is reduced by about half.
In the programme "Trial", Igor Agamirzyan, General Director of RVC, Alexander Galitskiy, a member of the Advisory Board of RVC, the managing partner of Almaz Capital Partners, answered to the questions of host of Kommersant FM Anatoliy Kuzichev
Some things invented today will become a technology that will change the world tomorrow. General Director and Chairman of the Board of Russian Venture Company OJSC Igor Agamirzyan tells how to detect the seedlings of the future, how to help these seedlings and whether they are in our country
The Russian Venture Company (RVC) will invest in a program to support the export of Russian high-tech production. By 2020 Russia plans on increasing its IT services and solution exports from its current $4 billion to $11 billion. Experts think that a more active commercial campaign, as well as the achievement of peace in Ukraine, can help their developments

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