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The three-day event was organized to help develop investment strategies in the technology sector between Russia and the United States, and will host dozens of companies and investors alike, first for a daylong conference in Boston, and then for a two-day conference in Silicon Valley. Our Voice of Russia Correspondent Vasili Sushko had a chance to speak with some of the organizers to find out what this year’s conference will entail
This month kicks off the annual Russian Innovation Week in Boston, after Russian government-funded investment companies have invested over $1.2 billion into U.S. tech startups. RBTH spoke to Igor Agamirzian, CEO of the Russian Venture Company - one of the largest of such funds
Biofund was created on January 24th, 2011. There are two stakeholders in the creation of this company: the RVC, which owns 94% of our equity; and the Venture Innovation Fund (VIF), based in St. Petersburg, which owns the remaining 6%

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