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According to the program of National Technology Initiative, at least 100,000 unmanned aircraft used for Earth probing, logistics, search and rescue as well as in the communications industry will by 2025 stay permanently in the air above the territory of the country.
In the immediate future, "factories of the future" will be created in Russia, which will speed up shipbuilding tenfold. In addition, thanks to the new program launched for implementation in the country the quality and cost of production of ships and their components will become cheaper and better.
A competition for the development of a special unmanned vehicle that will be able to drive on Russian winter roads is planned to be held in 2018 by Russian Venture Company (RVC), Skolkovo Foundation and the Agency for Strategic Initiatives.
Founder of Oz Forensics* platform, the last year's participant of GenerationS, which provides protection against digital fraud, Artem Gerasimov briefly talks about where digital fraud is moving today and points to the weak points in business.
The Deputy CEO Mikhail Antonov told theRunet of how the accelerator program is formed and what awaits developers after GenerationS.
With the advent of the era of robots, many experts began to fear dreadfully that machines would soon replace them. Sellers, drivers, accountants, lawyers and even journalists will experience in over the next 20-30 years tough competition from computers and AI (artificial intelligence) powered devices.
These robots are already ready to replace promoters and concierges, but so far, people do not take them seriously. When will everything change and what can we talk to machines about in the history of a robotic start-up?
Let's Talk Business with Tatiana Mineeva
The Russian President Vladimir Putin has visited INNOPROM-2017. During the tour through the "Technet" booth, dedicated to National Technological Initiative, RVC and ASI presented to the country's leader the projects of next-generation production sites — "Factory of the Future", from the wake-up control system to the concept of Digital Factory.

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