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The Leader-Innovations Venture Fund, created with the participation of the RVC capital and located in the trust management of ZAO Leader, left the Russian operator of networks for delivery Internet content CDNvideo. Firrma reported this to RVC.

Gulnara Bikkulova, Deputy General Director, RVC Development Director at the Russian Venture Forum, told the Runet why interacting with start-ups is the key to a company's success, and why corporations are building their own accelerators.

2017 to be the starting point in the development of the domestic venture system

Association of market participants Autonet launches an all-Russian program called Accessible Country. Within the framework of the project, it is planned to work out the questions of adaptation of unmanned vehicles for disabled people.

On April 25 the final of the largest start-up accelerator GenerationS from RVC was held in Russia and Eastern Europe.

In 2019, 30% of the agro-industrial enterprises will use the Internet of things — this is the plan by the creators of the "road map" to introduce the Internet into the agro-industrial complex.
The surprises of the All-Russian Engineering Competition of the National Technological Initiative. Natalia Nekhlebova — from Sochi.
Is it possible to accelerate the nuclear reactor to full capacity? To control a robot with mental power? To grow a photonic crystal in a test tube? The members of the All-Russian Engineering competition for schoolchildren do not find that problematic.

«Ъ» has looked through the roadmap to coordinate the activities of the Russian Venture Company (RVC) and the Skolkovo Foundation. The reform to optimize development institutions has been prepared since this spring, but, as it follows from the document, in this case it will limit itself to moving the RVC to Skolkovo and carrying out the activities of the company and the project office of the National Technology Initiative (NTI) on its site.

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