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Interview with Mikhail Antonov of RVC about corporate innovation in Russia and the GenerationS initiative
RVC, Russia’s state-owned fund of funds for innovation, supports a variety of initiatives and programs aimed at developing the country’s innovation ecosystem. Among its major initiatives over the past few years has been GenerationS, a giant acceleration program aimed at matching innovation ideas and startups with corporate needs. In this interview Mikhail Antonov, RVC’s Deputy CEO and Innovation Infrastructure Development Director, provides details about this program and its achievements to date.
The CEO of the Russian Venture Company (RVC) Alexander Povalko is expecting Russian venture capital market to show a positive trend in 2018. He said so in an interview with Tass. Furthermore, he believes that 2017 also showed a positive trend, despite any formal indicators.
As of today, January 15, the global research platform Dimensions has become available in the territory of Russia and the CIS, containing 86 million articles and books and 124 million documents: patents, information on grants and industry standards, according to the press release, received by the editor of Indicator.Ru,
The Russian Venture Company (RVC) is reported to be creating a new venture fund with the capital of 3 billion roubles to finance the projects of the National Technological Initiative (VTI).
This year has presented for the sixth time the results of the annual rating among start-ups "TechUspech-2017". Mikhail Antonov, Deputy CEO and Innovation Infrastructure Director at RVC has spoken with RIA News about why the rating is efficient in searching start-ups and what support the government is providing today.
Firrma by order of RVC in partnership with NABA and presents the next annual rating of business angels, the most enthusiastic private venture investors in Russia.
Mikhail Antonov, economist, discourses upon what needs to be changed in the education system in order to adapt it to the technological challenges of the future
In 2017 there were three times as many venture capital funds (11) compared to the previous year (4). At the end of the year the indicator on the fund's transactions was recorded as similar as in 2016 — 391.
Power-plant engineering receives a chance to accelerate development
As of the end of 2017 new venture funds have intensified their activities in Russia: their number has increased almost threefold, from 4 to 11. On the other hand, foreign funds investing in Russian start-ups have significantly reduced in number. This is what Firrma magazine states in their rating, compiled with the support of RVC and Ernst & Young.

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