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VTB – Venture Capital Fund CE VF

About the Fund

VTB — Venture Capital Fund invests into unique, high tech projects having large commercial potential, striving to gain maximum profitability for investments at an acceptable investment risk level. The Fund cooperates with leading Russian scientific research organizations, foreign universities and research centres. Nearly RUB 2.4 bln. has been invested into high tech projects since 2008 due to this cooperation.

The fund's team takes an active part in the capitalization growth of portfolio companies, promotes the creation of strategically important partnerships and acquiring new clients.

Basic parameters of the Fund

  1. The date of termination of the Fund's trust management agreement: September 16, 2017.

  2. The target size of the fund is RUB 3,061 bln.

  3. The Investment Decisions are made by the Fund's Investment Committee.


VTB – Venture Capital Fund

Form of Incorporation

Close-End Mutual Funds of High-Risk (Venture) Investments

Trust Management Rules

Registration No. 0939-94132452

End Date of Formation


VAV as of the end of formation

RUB 3,061,000,000

Number of issued shares (pcs.)

3 061

Share Owners

VTB Capital JSC

Management Company

VTB Capital Asset Management CJSC

Investment Committee

The Members of the Investment Committee having voting rights:

Alexey Yakovitskiy
General Director of VTB Capital JSC, Chairperson of VTB Capital Holding Management Board
Aydar Kaliev
Counsel of General Director of VTB Capital Investment Management LLC
Denis Brattsev
VTB Capital Investment Management LLC
Magomed Askhabov
Head of Venture Capital Investments Department at VTB Capital Asset Management CJSC

The Members of the Investment Committee having consultative votes:

Ruslan Akhmetov
Director of Investments Department at RVC
Irina Ivanova
Head of Projects Analysis Service at RVC

Investment Portfolio

The project provides for the production of innovative LED clusters.

The company proposes a software product, which can automatically select and analyze the data from co

The company's technology secures the presence of the possibility to use networks of mobile communica

Pogarskaya Potato Plant CJSC is a modern world level food production. Since its start-up in 2009, th

All portfolio companies


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+7 (495) 725-55-40

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