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Maxwell Biotech CE VF

About the Fund

Maxwell Biotech Close-End Mutual Fund of High-Risk (Venture) Investments invests into Russian biopharmaceutical companies with innovative developments and high growth potential.

Tasks of the Fund

  • Investment activity into biopharmaceutical and medical branches;

  • support of the stable development of small innovative companies in biomedical technologies;

  • implementation of innovations in medicine;

  • formation of a network of international partners for the maximal engagement of developers and researchers, experts and professional managers for the creation of new innovative products.

Basic parameters of the Fund

  1. The target size of the fund is RUB 1,224.4 mln.

  2. Fund's functioning term is 10 years.

  3. The Fund permits any legal and financial transaction terms and conditions permitted by the applicable laws of the Russian Federation.

  4. The Investment Decisions are made by the Fund's Investment Committee.

Name Maxwell Biotech
Form of Incorporation Close-End Mutual Funds of High-Risk (Venture) Investments
Trust Management Rules Registration No. 1275-94147092
Fund's Size RUB 1,224,334,000
End Date of Formation December 19, 2008
VAV as of the end of formation RUB 612,200,000
Number of issued shares 17490
Share Owners Private Investor
Fund's Venture Specialists
Management Company Maxwell Asset Management LLC

Investment Committee

Dmitriy Popov

Olga Chekmareva

Elizaveta Vasina

Konstantin Kiselev

Sergey Kazimov

Investment Portfolio

Development and commercialization of drug to treat chronic hepatitis B and D types.

Development and commercialization of the drug to treat malignant neoplasms of different origin in bo

Development and Russian market launch of innovative drugs in the area of central and peripheral nerv

All portfolio companies


1-12/19 Ul. Verkhnaya Radishchevskaya, 109240, Moscow, Russia

+7 (495) 726-52-53


Chekmareva Olga Viktorovna
General Director
Aleksey Eliseev
Alexandr Polinskiy