To Project Authors

Idea Presentation Format

A brief Business Plan (20 slides and 10 text pages) containing the following chapters will help the fund's managers to make a well-grounded decision:

Project's summary. State the main parameters of the proposal and aim of company's creation.

Problem and Solution
Describe the consumer's problem you may solve and the way you solve it.

Why now?
Why did the solution appear right now? What changes in industry and technology resulted in the creation of the solution?

Market size
Define your target market and appraise its size.

List of competitors and your competitive advantages.


Product line and product development plan.

Business model
How will the money be earned? Arrangement of sales, pricing, list of potential clients.

CV of founders and key specialists in the team.

Incomes and losses, movement of monetary funds, balance sheet.

The Investment Decisions are made by the Fund's Investment Committee.