S-Group Ventures CE VF

About the Fund

S Group Ventures Close-End Mutual Funds of High-Risk (Venture) Investments invests into information technologies, solutions within the sphere of ecologically pure and new energy types, new materials, nano- and biotechnologies.

Basic parameters of the Fund

Name S-Group Ventures
Form of Incorporation Close-End Mutual Funds of High-Risk (Venture) Investments
Trust Management Rules Registration No. 1273-94174794
Fund's Size RUB 1,800,000,000
End Date of Formation 16.12.2008
VAV as of the end of formation RUB 700,002,000
Number of issued shares (pcs.) 1,800,000
Share Owners Private Investor
Fund's Venture Specialists
Management Company S-Group Management Capital Management Company LLC

Investment Portfolio

Commercialization of devices and systems on the basis of a number planar hologram, which may be used

Commercialization of the technology of the creation of comb lasers, on the basis of quantum dots and

New type multi-use antennas, on the basis of micro- and nanostructured composite materials.

Development and commercialization of technology, using highly informative, mathematical representati

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