• What are the criteria the project shall conform to?  (the responses are given for various lifecycle stages)

    For pre-seed/seed/start-up companies:

    • Serious and modern scientific research, carried out by famous scientists having a proven track record
    • Opportunity of Protecting Intellectual Property
    • Viability proofs of the proposed concept of the future product or technology (prototype, laboratory sample or, for instance, pre-clinical testing for projects involving medicinal drugs development)
    • The expected product must secure considerable competitive advantages (commercial benefit)
    • The amount of the required investments shall be rational and relevant to the solved task

    For sales/growth companies:

    All the requirements listed above for pre-seed/seed/start-up companies as well as:

    • Legally protected intellectual property
    • The prototype sample of the technology or product, developed within the project implementation (e.g., Phase 1 or 2 of clinical testing for medicinal products) and / or first sales
    • Partially or completely formed project managers team will be an advantage
    • Investments on the part of the qualified business angel will be an advantage

    For expansion/liquidity companies:

    • Qualified business team
    • Prospectively innovative product with principally new, technical characteristics, and considerable competitive advantages
    • Exponential growth forecasts with potential sales volume from USD 50 mln. on the prospective markets
    • Legally pure business structure
    • A strong, legal, intellectual property protection
  • Why does the fund focus its attention on Biotechnologies and Fine Chemistry?

    The choice of Biotechnology and Fine Chemistry, as the areas of priority, is conditioned by the following:

    • Priorities of the Russian Federation on the development of these areas within economy transition to innovative development;

    • The historically strong position of Russia in biological and chemical science (the scientific-focussed schools, having advanced ideas, originated and developed in Russia);

    • A high need for innovative products on the world market;

    • An interest of core business, including in Russia, of innovative companies (projects, technologies, solutions);

    • BCP Management Team has key competences in these spheres and is a unique composition of venture capital people, businessmen and scientists, having the required experience and knowledge.