Bioprocess Capital Ventures CE VF

About the Fund

Bioprocess Capital Ventures is a closed-end mutual fund of High-Risk (venture) investment. The fund was formed on December 19, 2007 engaging RVC and Vnesheconombank.

The investment activity of the fund is directed to stimulate the development of Biotechnology, Pharmacy, Fine Chemistry in Russia (in accordance with the priorities of the Russian Federation to transition the economy to one of innovative development).

Currently the fund's portfolio contains 6 companies from the Pharmacy and Biotechnology Areas, 2 companies from the Fine Chemistry Area and 1 Telecommunications Company. 6 of the fund's projects became Skolkovo's residents. Fund also had given  grants for a total amount of nearly RUB 695 mln. (according to the data as of the end of the Third Quarter of 2014).

Basic parameters of the Fund

  1. Target Size of the Fund: RUB 3,000 mln.
  2. Period of functioning: 10 years, up till 2017
  3. The fund carries out venture capital investment via purchase, ownership and sales of the securities (stock) of exclusively innovative companies having considerable growth potential
  4. The venture Fund is managed by Bioprocess Capital Partners Management Company LLC (BCP MC) on the basis of Venture Fund Trust Management Rules (TMR).
  5. The Investment Decisions in all cases are made under consensus, based on the results of independent scientific and technological audit and prospective appraisal of financial results.
  6. The investment decisions are made by the Fund's Investment Committee.
Name Bioprocess Capital Ventures
Form of Incorporation Close-End Mutual Funds of High-Risk (Venture) Investments
Trust Management Rules Registration No. 0945-94131984
End Date of Formation December 19, 2007
VAV as of the end of formation RUB 3,000,000,000
Number of issued shares 3,000 shares
Share Owners RVC
Vnesheconombank SC
Fund's Venture Specialists
Management Company Bioprocess Capital Partners Management Company LLC

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee was formed by MC and consists of the representatives of each limited liability partner. Each of them is entitled to participate in the fund's management, act on behalf of the fund or vote on the issues pertaining to the fund, except the representatives of RVC, having a consultative vote.

The Members of the Investment Committee:

Mikhail Mogutov
President of Bioprocess Holding LLC
Mikhail Rychev
Deputy Director of Kurchatov Institute Russian Scientific Centre (RSC)
Olga Bespalova
Deputy Director of Corporate Control Department – Head of Industrial Assets Management of the Bank of Foreign Economic Activity (Vnesheconombank) SC

The Members of the Investment Committee having a consultative vote:

Yuliya Onishchuk
Konstantin Kiselev

Investment Portfolio

Production of electronic gases to a high purity degree, creation of substances for pharmaceuticals.

Development of drugs to retard ageing and to treat diseases associated with ageing. A unique technol

Development of anti-cancer drugs on the basis of the brand new scientific concept of tissue specific

Development of original, therapeutic monoclonal antibody against autoimmune diseases and В-cell chr

All portfolio companies


Address: 6 Stolovy per., 121061, Moscow, Russia

+7 (495) 974-74-01,+7 (495) 974-74-02


Vladimir Tezov
General Director
Elena Kasimova
Director for Strategies and Investments
Irina Korobeynikova
Chief Financial Officer