Foreign Venture Funds

The purpose of RVC's investments in foreign venture funds is to integrate into the international venture capital market, attract foreign capital and (or) managers to the Russian venture market.

RVC's Investments

no more than 25% of a fund and no more than 2,000 million roubles

Investment obligation of the MC (key persons)

not less than 1% of the size of a fund

Investment strategy

the advantage will be found in funds oriented to industries that have the potential for technology transfer, either dynamically developing industries or industries in which Russia is lagging behind

search for advanced technologies (seed stage) and support for companies that received the first revenue

The share of fund's investors who are not development institutions of the Russian Federation

not less than 50% of the size of a fund

Requirements to a MC

successful experience in management of venture funds

Corporate Governance

the right of RVC JSC to appoint a representative to the IC is possible as an observer


foreign jurisdiction is possible (except for jurisdictions not recommended for use by authorized Russian organizations and agencies)

when creating a special management body in the fund with the participation of investors (investors' meeting), the membership of such body should include a representative from RVC JSC